Regency Carefree

Regency Carefree carpetsRegency carpets offer great value for money and are one of our top suppliers.

Regency Carefree Carpets is the manufacturing centre for the Furlong Group of companies situated in Bangor, Northern Ireland. One of the major strengths and differentials from other suppliers is the vertical Integration of Wool yarn. The group spins its own wool prior to tufting.

With all production now centralised at Regency Carpets, the company can produce most types of carpet in volume.

They produce, Saxony’s, Polypropylene Twist, Wool Twist, Print, and Wool Natural Carpet. A controlled product development programme ensures we will deliver a package of products that our customers will recognise as total value.

Operating Eighteen Tufting machines (graphics, loops and different gauges), allows Regency Carefree to produce carpet in Wool, BCF Polypropylene and nylon.

A state of the art backing plant ensures a quality finish which is capable of backing felt and action.

A major competitive advantage of the company is that it is the only UK producer who can produce printed carpet using a Mitter printer.

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