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We all lead a rather busy lifestyle these days at a very hectic pace.Abingdon Flooring
It is therefore only natural that more people than ever are choosing to buy a Stainfree polypropylene carpet that really is bleach cleanable and guaranteed to be Stainfree for Life!

Stop and wait a moment until you hear this, the people at Abingdon Flooring have created something even better, it is more convenient and user friendly! A protective barrier that makes any liquid spill sit on top of the carpet and not soak in!

How is that for liquid engineering?

The bonus is that you can simply soak up the liquid and watch it disappear before your very eyes.

No fuss, no smell, just good housekeeping, Perfect for the modern home.

See their video at http://www.abingdonflooring.co.uk/aqua-pro-tec  Or pop in to Carpets Plus for a demonstration.

Carpets Plus offer the full range of Abingdon’s Wilton Royal Carpets.

As the UK’s largest independent carpet manufacturer, quality, family friendly and premium wool all come to mind when we think of Abingdon carpets.

The Wilton Royal collection of carpets includes:

  • Arran Twist (in a quality 50oz wool berber twist)
  • Charter Supreme Gold (top quality, extra heavyweight 60oz wool twist)
  • Enterprise Tw (80/20 wool twist on felt back- ideal for those on a budget)
  • Highland Twist (A superb 40oz 80/20 wool berber twist made in Britain)
  • Palace Royale (40oz quality wool carpet)
  • Royal Glen (A 40oz 80/20 wool twist in 12 natural shades)
  • Royal Windsor Berber (A 100% wool natural range in two classic designs, berber and loop, in 9 subtle colour combinations)
  • Royal Windsor Loop (A 100% wool natural range in two classic designs, berber and loop over nine subtle colour combinations)

Abingdon’s Stainfree Range

Nearly fifty ranges in a wide variety of styles and qualities carry the Stainfree for Life Guarantee.

The success of Abingdon Flooringís Stain Guarantee programme has been phenomenal, with over 150,000 satisfied customers having registered so far on the programme.

The Stainfree for Life Guarantee is free and provides you with the reassurance that every stain resistant carpet has passed strict construction standards and is protected against both staining and soiling using top quality fibres throughout.
This no-stain technology prevents food and drink spillage from entering the pile fibre so that quick cleaning can remove the spill before it stains.

Remember the warranty is FREE… there is nothing else to pay. All we ask of you is common sense cleaning and that a regular maintenance programme is followed. This together with the Stainfree for Life Guarantee will ensure your carpet will go on looking good for longer.

Please Note: The Abingdon Flooring Stainfree for Life Guarantee applies only to carpets manufactured from man-made fibres and not to carpets containing wool.

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