Associated Weavers

Associated WeaversInitially British, Associated Weavers international is now one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world with five modern production plants situated in France, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

They are renowned for their exceptional value tufted 5 meter wide Broardloom Park Lane Saxony pile carpets in wool and synthetics.

Creativity is the key to the Associated Weavers success. With continuous product innovation, the company is always one step ahead in the anticipating the constantly changing needs of the market.

The fresh, modern designs the company develops in the close collaboration with its customers are the foundations for a wide product range, covering all styles and colours.

Associated Weavers serves virtually all types of business in the carpet trade, including independent retailers, wholesalers, distribution chains, importers and specifiers.

Associated Weavers work with their design and production expertise, add to their customers’ success by offering carpeting solutions that make the places where people live and work more comfortable and enjoyable.

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